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The Best Preschool in Union City Is Not in Union City. It’s in Niles

When it comes to researching Union City preschool options, many parents have found that there are not a lot of them. […]

Learn & Play Montessori, Fremont’s Best-in-class Preschool, Announces Fall 2019 Inclusion in Yelp’s ‘Best 10 Preschools in Fremont’ List

November 1, 2019 – Fremont, Danville, & Dublin, California. Learn and Play Montessori; a provider of best-in-class Montessori preschool education in the San Francisco Bay Area including Danville, Dublin, and Fremont, is proud to announce recognition by Yelp as one of the best preschools in Fremont for the fall 2019 period. […]

Learn & Play Montessori, Fremont’s Best-in-class Preschool, Announces Update to Page on Montessori Method

Fremont, California – September 30, 2019. Learn and Play Montessori, a five-star rated preschool serving the East Bay including Fremont, Dublin, and Danville is proud to announce a new page for parents investigating the Montessori method. […]

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If You Want the Best Union City Preschool it’s Actually in Niles

If you are a parent in Union City, California, looking for the best Union City preschool programs, you need to widen your horizons a little. […]

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Commuting Hours in Fremont Now Take Longer Than Ever

The commute in and thru Fremont has gone from bad to worse. What used to take five minutes now takes 15, and what used to take 15 now takes – well, forget about it! It’s crazy, but there is just so much more traffic on the roads. […]

Niles, California, was Home to the Movie Industry. Now it’s a Trendy Place to Live

Before it moved to Hollywood, the California movie industry was situated in Niles and was famous for Bronco Billy, the world’s first cowboy movie star in silent films around 1912. Wow! That’s over 100 years ago! Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson used to make films here too. […]

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Our Niles Montessori Preschool is Ideal if you Live or Work in Union City

If you are a parent who lives or works in Union City and are looking for Union City preschools you should certainly take a look at Learn And Play Montessori in Niles. We are literally just down the road on Niles Blvd so we are very close to where you live or work, and we provide the Montessori method of learning which we believe in very strongly. […]

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Union City Parents Will find our Niles Preschool a Great Union City Option

If you are a parent living in Union City, Fremont, and your child is of preschool age you will doubtless be looking for Union City preschools. At Learn And Play Montessori we are right on the edge of Union City in Niles Blvd and we are the best of the Union City preschools because we use the Montessori method of learning. […]

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Learn and Play Montessori Announces New Blog Archive for Bay Area Families Searching for Union City Preschool Options

Union City, California – March 6, 2019. Learn and Play Montessori, a high-rated learning preschool provider in the Bay Area, is proud to announce a new blog archive for families who may live or work in or near Union City, California. […]

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March is Here Already, and You Knew This was Going to Happen

Well you just knew this was going to happen, didn’t you? March is here already – in fact it is heading towards April- and your child is growing up. They do have a tendency to come on in leaps and bounds faster than you would expect. So he or she needs a top quality preschool in Fremont to start off on the right road. […]

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